Mar 13 Menu

Last week was a blur. I had dinner with some friends on Tuesday, leaving my wife and kids to fend for themselves. On Wednesday, I had to catch Avatar on IMAX 3D (before it moves to video). Again, the wife and kids were left to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Thursday, my wife had a sewing class after work, leaving us to figure out if we were ever going to be able to sit for dinner last week.

This week is shaping up to be the same. My wife will take her turn to watch Avatar. She'll meet with her girlfriends on another evening. I may have to work late.

This week will also have to be improvised. I offered my wife a boiled dinner for the menu this week, but she declined. So without any ideas, I ended up doing my taxes. So, another week with a blank menu - but my taxes are halfway there now.

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