Sept 14 Menu

After a week full of home-made mother's korean cooking, you just don't feel like you're doing anything right in the kitchen. At any rate, I got a late start on posting the menu since mother left Sunday morning and the rest of the day was spent trying to figure out if we will ever move out of this small apartment. And for this week, mother left several tupperware worth of korean food, mostly for our daughter, but more than good enough for us. Our daughter doesn't eat much anyways. So, this week's menu will be really specific to our present circumstances with all the korean food in the refrigerator.

Monday & Tuesday - Japanese Curry Rice
  • Round up some chicken or beef, add diced vegetables like carrots, squash, bell peppers, even celery, add some water to boil, add curry cubes, let simmer.
  • Don't forget to cook up rice.
  • Mother's korean food.
Wednesday - Miso Soup, Rice
  • Boil water, add diced tofu, add some vegetables like sprouts and spinach, add miso paste, let simmer.
  • Don't forget to cook up more rice.
  • Mother's korean food redux.
Thursday - Bibimbap
  • Cook up rice and let cool.
  • Take all of Mother's korean food and mix.
  • Serve with kimchee.
Friday - Sushi
  • Yes, another favorite. I frequent a place called Hana Sushi on Mass Ave right after Porter Square.
  • Good service, good sushi, low key.

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