Sept 28 Menu

The korean supermarket chain, HMart, opened this Friday. Highly anticpated by us, and probably the rest of the korean community, we were not disappointed. As expected, the aisles were packed, not only with shoppers, but demonstration tables, and ridiculously low prices on many items. Live lobsters were $5 a lb, huh? I don't think these prices will stick around for much longer, but I'm sure they'll remain competitive. The HMart is up in Burlington, where the Middlesex turnpike meets US-95 -,+MA+01803&ie=UTF8&ll=42.473537,-71.20928&spn=0.008024,0.014248&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A.

Anyways, you can imagine, we went without a menu and then bought tons of food. So this week, my wife and I will try to do an impromptu so that I can focus on finding a recipe for this coming weekend's apple bake-off challenge.

But if you want to know, we're having ox-tail soup again and I'll try to do the bak haddock from last week.

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