March 23 Menu

(Monday) Spring Rolls and Spring Stir Fry -

(Tuesday) Spring Salad and Dinner Sandwich -

(Wednesday) Grilled Scallops and Leftover Salad -

(Thursday) Spicy Cod and Rice -

(Friday) Sloppy Joes -

Shopping List for me:
Dairy&Juice - whole milk, gruyere cheese, orange juice
Meats - 1 lb ground beef, 1 lb black forest ham, sea scallops, cod filet
Baking - flour,
Breads - sliced (any)
Condiments&Other - hoisin sauce, chili-garlic sauce, worcestershire sauce, rice paper rounds
Herbs - fresh cilantro, fresh mint, fresh thyme, italian parsley, fresh basil
Vegetables - colesalw mix, (2) onions, shallots, oyster mushrooms, baby beets, fennel, grape tomato, bell pepper (red, green)
Fruits - peaches, blood oranges

Addtl Shopping List:
Dairy&Juice - eggs, butter
Meats - shrimp
Baking - sugar, honey
Breads - hamburger (optional, i use left over sliced bread)
Condiments&Other - rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, evoo, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, walnuts
Spices - mustard seeds, dried thyme
Herbs - ginger, garlic
Vegetables - snap peas, peas, green onions, corn, lima bean, zucchini, salad mix

Notes for the Week:
1. Spring roll is much harder than it seems. Spring stir fry is a very sorry recipe - does not really have an authentic asian flavor.
2. Bad planning for the week because all the herbs from Monday were left over with not much use elsewhere. Although the fennel was put to good use this week between the spring stir fry and the salad.
3. Spring salad needs really good juice of orange otherwise it gets a bit sugary.

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