August 17 Menu

Alas, I neglected to mention that this week we are going sans menu. My wife and I thought it would be fun, and a good summer respite, to just drop into our neighborhood grocers and pick out things at random. We ended up with a box of mangos, jicama, corn, chicken, various greens, cilantro, and yogurt. We've also been busy trying to find a house, so I've been spending countless hours in the evenings and weekends to find one. And my 16 month old daughter is taking all the car trips in stride, although we coax her with a box of raisins every now and then.

Monday and Tuesday - My wife conjured up a stir-fried rice dish with some peculiar looking mushrooms. She also used a mandolin to make a sumptuous mango jicama salad with cilantro and olive oil. Taste was fantastic.

Wednesday - I sliced up the chicken and used the leftover mangos for a mango chicken thai dish, based on this recipe.

Thursday - we switched Friday night take-out to Thursday.

Friday - I came home to a fantastic soba noodle and fish cake stew brewed in a just right dashi.

I could get used to a week like this, especially the way my neck and back is going - four weeks now, no?

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