Feb 15 Menu

Sorry, folks. Yes, it is President's day weekend and Valentine's day. We've been given a three day weekend, so of course, being who I am, I procrastinated. And last week was not a stellar menu week. We had left overs from hosting visitors over the weekend. Then we had snowstorm alert which made us go for take-out. I know, I know, excuses - for we will repeat last week's menu, except for the caesar wrap and pasta. We ended up doing the two. The wrap was great, especially the pumpkin seeds. The pasta, well, we ate it.

Tuesday - More Leftovers
  • Yes, again, we had people over for the three day weekend, amassing more leftovers.

Wednesday - Kale Sausage Mushroom Stew

Thursday - Asparagus Shrimp Risotto

Friday - Bon Chon

  • Definitely! Our west coast friends had their KFC run last weekend. So we shall reciprocate.

Shopping List for me:

  • Abbreviated this week: asparagus, kale, risotto

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